Football tournament: fifth day

Fifth evening of the 7-a-side football tournament of Move 4 All project, co-funded by the European Union with the patronage of the Municipality of Varese.


Here is the results:

Ucraina (Gli Scarsi) vs Jamaica (Atletico Bedero): 2-6

U – 2 goals of G. Malick
J – 2 goals of S. Arce, 2 goals of M. Sagna, 1 goal of C.Prato , 1 goal of M. Angel

Pictures of Roberto Leo

Ghana (PGS Elpis Biumo C) vs Costa D’Avorio (Ballafon): 3-1

G – 1 goal of E. Anicito, 1 goal of M.Pertile, 1 goal of A. Vailati
CA – 1 goal of I.G. Mason

Pictures of Roberto Leo

Nuova Zelanda (Ballafon Orange) vs Tunisia (Valganna FC): 6-1

NZ – 3 goals of D. Nabil Iter, 2 goals of E.Georges, 1 goal of T. Hassan
T – 1 goal of O. Touli

Pictures of Roberto Leo

Nepal (Comune di Varese) vs Venezuela(PGS Elpis Biumo A): 4-4 (3-4 after penalty kicks)

N – 2 goals of S. Raiola, 1 goal of R. Aceti, 1 goal of J. Mounir
V – 1 goal of L. D’Addio, 1 goal of M. De Filippi, 1 goal of M. Malnati, 1 goal of G. Barassi.

Venezuela goes to the next phase of the football tournament after the penalty kicks.

Pictures of Roberto Leo

June 27, 2019 – Semi-finals

h. 20.00 Venezuela vs Ghana
h. 21.00 Nuova Zelanda vs Jamaica