Football tournament: sixth day

Sixth day of the 7-a-side football tournament of the Move 4 All project, co-funded by the European Union with the patronage of the Municipality of Varese.


Venezuela (PGS Elpis Biumo A) vs Ghana (PGS Elpis Biumo C): 4-6

V – 3 goals of M. Italiano, 1 goal of G. Barassi
G – 2 goals of A. Turkay, 1 goal of N. Franceschini, 1 goal of E. Anicit, 1 goal of M.Pertile, 1 goal of A.Vailati

Pictures of Roberto Leo

Nuova Zelanda (Ballafon Orange) vs Jamaica (Atletico Bedero): 7-6

NZ – 3 goals of Sylla, 1 goal of Kusi, 1 goal of J. Essoh, 1 goal of Iter, 1 goal of G. Essoh
J – 3 goals of Sagna, 2 goals of Magri, 1 goal of Alvia.

Pictures of Roberto Leo

Ghana and Nuova Zelanda will compete for the first place Venezuela and Jamaica will compete for the third place.