Football tournament: fourth day

Fourth evening of the 7-a-side football tournament of the Move 4 All project, co-funded by the European Union and with the patronage of the Municipality of Varese.

This evening is the final day of the rounds phase.
Here are the results:

Round A

For this round a draw was carried out. Nepal (Comune di Varese) (first classified of round A) and Costa D’Avorio (Ballafon) (second classified of round A) reach the next phase to detriment of Ecuador (Associazione C.O.V.O).


Ghana (PGS Elpis Biumo C) – Camerun (I Love Bombers) : 7-2
G – 2 goals of Pertile, 2 goals of Vailati, 1 goal of Anicito,1 goal of Testa, 1 goal of Franceschini
C – 2 goals of Pandiani.
Ghana (PGS Elpis Biumo C) (first classified of round B) and Venezuela (PGS Elpis Biumo A) (second classified round B) reach the next phase of the football tournament.


Nuova Zelanda (Ballafon Orange) –  Uruguay (OSVI) : 5-2
NZ – 2 goals of Teodor, 1 goal of Hassan, 1 goal of Gnonsihan, 1 goal of Diomande
U – 1 goal of Desini, 1 goal of Vilardi.
Nuova Zelanda (Ballafon Orange) (first of round C) and Jamaica (Atletico Bedero) (second of round C) reach the next phase of the tournament.

Round D

Ucraina (Gli Scarsi) – Tunisia (Valganna FC) : 5-3
U – 2 goals of El Madjj Malick, 1 goal of Anmedoubamba, 1 goal of Ndiaga
T – 1 goal of Barrientos, 1 goal of Velasquez, 1 goal of Salazar.
The two teams able to reach the next phase of the football tournament are:
Ucraina (Gli Scarsi) (first of round D) and Tunisia (Valganna FC) (second of round D)