5 km race – Move 4 All – Varese 20 September 2019, h. 18:30. Departure and arrival Place Monte Grappa ( side via Bernascone)


Ballafon organizes a 5 km race called “MOVE 4 ALL – The race for social inclusion” under the patronage of the Municipality of Varese and the collaboration of local sports associations such as Africa & Sport and CSI Varese.

Participants have the opportunity to register for the race in competitive or non-competitive mode depending on their preference.

  • In non-competitive mode, participants can either walk or run;
  • In competitive mode, the first three males and the first three females will be awarded.


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The aim of the race is to involve local citizens and third-country nationals to promote social inclusion and non-discrimination.

It will be a tool to bring people from different ethnic groups and cultures together in the community and to promote values such as respect, fair play and solidarity.

This event will take place in a circuit in the city center of Varese on September 20th at 6.30pm.

It is the first free 5 km race in Varese which has as its main theme social inclusion, migration and integration.


Signing up

Participation is FREE and is open to everyone, men, women, young people and children.
Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by at least one parent.

Participants have the opportunity to register for the race in competitive or non-competitive mode depending on their preference.

N.B. For those who register in competitive mode:

  • It is mandatory to upload the medical certificate to the platform during online registration.
    Anyone wishing to register on the day of the race must present a copy of the medical certificate in paper form.
  • Information on privacy and processing of personal data:
    Personal data will in no way be disseminated or disclosed to third parties and will be stored in the Ballafon archives.
    The same applies to all medical certificates that Ballafon will receive from the participants.

M4A and environmental impact

Every single event has an impact on the environment, but we decided to use small steps to make our project more sustainable.

Help us reduce the environmental impact of Move 4 All:

  • DO NOT print the registration confirmation. It will be enough to show up on September 20 with an ID or your registration on the phone.
  • DO NOT use the car, but reach us on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. If you come from far away, share the journey with someone via car sharing.


MEETING and DEPARTURE: This event will take place in a 5 km circuit in the city center of Varese on Friday 20 September with departure at 6.30 pm.

The meeting will be in Piazza Monte Grappa (Via Bernascone side) in Varese, starting at 5.00 pm where the starting and finishing arc is located.

Members in non-competitive mode can also complete the circuit by walking without running if they wish.

Race course

Start – via Bernascone, Piazza Monte Grappa, Corso Matteotti, Via Broggi, Via Veratti, Viale Aguggiari, Via Castelli, Via Fiume, entrata nel parco di Villa Mylius (1 giro del parco), Via Fiume, Via Gorizia, Via Marzorati, Via Procaccini, Via Staurenghi, Via Indipendenza, Via Veratti, attraversamento Via Sacco, entrata dal cancello laterale del parco dei Giardini Estensi, accanto alla Banca d’Italia (1 giro del parco), Via Lonati, Via Carrobbio, Via Bernascone  – Finish.