Terms and conditions

The registration implies the acceptance of the present regulation.


The Cooperative Society Ballafon in collaboration with the Africa & Sport Association and the CSI of Varese, with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Varese and the European Union grant organizes on September 20, 2019 the 1st edition of the 5KM MOVE 4 ALL RACE , a male and female recreational motoring event, both competitive and non-competitive, on a 5 km city route.


There are no restrictions on participation in the event: people of all ages and abilities can participate. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Registration for the competition implies the tacit declaration of self-certification of physical fitness for the practice of “non-competitive” sports and recreational activities, in accordance with current legislation and, therefore, exempts the organizers from requesting this medical certificate. Bicycles or any other means of transport are not allowed.


Medical certificate or a copy of your membership with an Italian sport federation or sport promotion entity (EPS) to be uploaded to the www.move4all.eu portal at the time of registration or production of a paper copy of the certificate if the registration took place on the day of the event.


Registration for the race is FREE. By registering, the participant will receive the Move 4 All bag containing:

  • the numbered race number plate
  • Chip (disposable)
  • Useful information

The event is covered by an RC insurance and medical assistance. The official T-shirt of the event will be delivered to the first 500 subscribers together with other gadgets. REGISTRATION

Entries must be completed in the following ways:

  • Online with direct access from the site www.move4all.eu For organizational reasons, registrations on the portal will close on Thursday 19 September at midnight.
  • Registration at the Official Registration Point in Piazza Monte Grappa (Via Bernascone side) on the day of the event, 20 September 2019 between 5.00 pm and 6.00 pm, handing in the signed subscription form filled out in all its parts

The Organizing Company, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to anticipate the closing of entries or to accept registrations beyond the scheduled closing dates.

The first 500 subscribers, or those who will complete the circuit, will be presented with the beautiful official event t-shirt, made of organic and sustainable cotton and other gadgets. Important The registration form of the minor must be signed by a person exercising parental authority, who will be responsible for the tacit declaration of self-certification of physical fitness of the minor to the practice of non-competitive physical activity for the non-competitive mode. (see art. 2). For the competitive mode, a medical certificate is required.

The daily membership with the CSI (Italian Sports Center) only for participants in the competition is mandatory. The cost will be covered by the organization of the event therefore the participants will not have to pay it. Registration bag withdrawal Documents to present for the collection of the bib number: online registration confirmation or form filled in all its parts. Art. 4 – CLOSING AND VALIDATION OF REGISTRATION

Registrations will be closed online at 11.59 pm on 19 September and at h. 18.00 on the day of the event in Piazza Monte Grappa at the Move 4 All registration desk. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to close registrations early or to accept registrations after the closing date at its sole discretion.


It will be possible to check your registration on-line on the website www.move4all.eu in the specific “Verify registration” section.


The bib is strictly personal, cannot be tampered with or reduced and cannot be transferred to anyone, on pain of disqualification. Participants will be able to collect the bib and the GADGET BAG on Friday 20 September from 16.00 to 18.00 in via Bernascone in Varese. The t-shirt will be delivered at the end of the race to the first 500 participants who finish the circuit.

Art. 7 – RACE

The event will take place, with any weather conditions, on a 5 km course with the support of the Local Police for traffic. The itinerary is published on the official website of the event. The start and finish will be in Piazza Monte Grappa (Via Bernascone side) in Varese. The departure will be at h. 18.30 Friday, September 20, 2019. The route will wind through the streets of the city center and the parks Villa Mylius and Giardini Estensi, according to the map shown on the site www.move4all.eu

Each participant is free to follow the path he deems most appropriate. Art. 8 -Refreshments

A final refreshment point is planned.

Art. 9 – TIMING

The timing is by OTC Srl (Official Timer MySDAM) with technology based on the use of “chips”. Each participant in the competitive race must have a valid personal chip delivered to the race number collection. Information and conditions on the use of the chip are published on the MySDAM website at www.mysdam.net/info-chip.do. Failure or incorrect use of the chip will result in the non-inclusion in the ranking and the non-attribution of the time taken. For each athlete the official time will be recorded (from the shot to the finish line). The times of all participants will be communicated and published online in a list in alphabetical order as per current legislation. The maximum race time is 70 minutes, after this time services on the course will not be guaranteed.


The Organizing Committee will prepare an appropriate one medical assistance service at the points of departure and arrival, as provided for by Health plan approved by AREU and as per the provisions of the Security Plan.


As reported in the information on the protection of personal data collected with the registration to the Move 4 All race, during the course of the sporting event the Organizing Company will acquire images in the form of photographs or videos that will be used for information purposes of the various moments of the event on site www.move4all.eu, on the promotional material of the event, on social media and in the specialist press. Both photographic images and videos will be stored in computer archives by Ballafon Società Cooperativa Sociale.


By registering for the “Race Move 4 All” the participant and / or operator the parental authority (in the case of a minor) declares: to know in their entirety and to accept this regulation; to be physically fit for the characteristics of the event; to register voluntarily; to be aware that the event takes place on the city streets; to be aware that, since it is a free-running event, it freely decides the pace to be used; to assume all the risks deriving from its participation in the event such as falls, contacts with other participants and / or spectators, with vehicles or other contacts, hot / cold weather conditions, rain / damp conditions, traffic and road conditions, risks from He / she well known and valued. Participants must comply with the rules of the Highway Code. The information pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, for those who register for the sporting event by filling in the online form on the website www.move4all.eu.

Personal data will in no way be disseminated or disclosed to third parties and will be stored in the Ballafon archives. The same applies to all medical certificates that Ballafon will receive from participants who register for the race in competitive mode.


The organizers can, at any time, modify this regulation for the best organization of the event and / or for reasons of force majeure. Any changes to timetables, services and places will be communicated to the participants on the official website of the event www.move4all.eu